In times like these we can all benefit from some positivity. Using powerful affirmations are a great way to train your mindset and eliminate limiting beliefs about yourself.

Using Affirmations Correctly


powerful affirmations

How do affirmations work?

Your mind is very moldable and adapts your emotions to what your internal monologue tells it. If you are constantly telling yourself that you cannot do something or that you are not good enough, after a while, you begin to believe that. 

When you come across a scenario, you will have limiting beliefs in your mind that will prevent you from optimizing opportunities or having success. 

Affirmations change that. When you constantly repeat positive and powerful affirmations to yourself, you will be able to change your inner monologue into something that is more positive. 

It will allow you to have an “I can do this” attitude and belief in yourself and your abilities. 

How should you use affirmations?

To begin using affirmations, choose several positive and inspiring affirmations that you want to focus on.

Find an uninterrupted space where you can focus on these affirmations. 

Either close your eyes and focus on them as you say them outloud, or look at yourself in the mirror while you repeat your affirmations.

Repeat them several times at different times of the day to get the best affect. 

powerful affirmations

19 Powerful affirmations you can start with today

  1. I believe in and trust myself
  2. I have confidence in my abililities
  3. I can accomplish anything I put my mind to
  4. I accept the things I cannot change
  5. I have courage daily
  6. I am not afraid to take risks
  7. Whatever I put into the world will come back tenfold
  8. I help and support others
  9. I learn from my mistakes
  10. I turn obstacles into opportunities
  11. I am patient, understanding, and compassionate towards others
  12. I draw from my inner strength and light
  13. I feel fulfilled by the work I do
  14. I let go of things I cannot control
  15. I have an abundant life
  16. The past has no power over me
  17. I forgive myself and others for wrongdoings 
  18. I trust myself to make the right decisions
  19. All I need comes to me at the right time and place

These positive affirmations repeated daily will allow you to change your mindset in a positive way, feel more in control of your life and destiny, and help you realize how fulfilling your life is.

I am excited to see how these affirmations work for you.

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