There are moments in life when you are in one way or another pushed into taking a hard look at your life. It could be through a tragedy, or through success, or through some type of realization. You are shoved into reanalyzing what you are currently doing and you start to consider other paths. 

This realization has become apparent to me recently. It could have been the excellent audiobook I’m reading called Think Like a Billionaire. It could have been the change of scenary I had today when I voluteered to work at another store for the day. Or it could be the new business venture that my family has been working on. 

Whatever it was, I came to the realization that I am not using all of my potential. Suddenly what I want to do and what I was actually doing just didn’t add up to the same thing.

Many times we go through this in life. We ask ourselves, is what I’m doing with my life really worth it? Is it worth working so hard to climb a ladder when you can’t see the top?

Of course, the worst fear comes into mind when you realize, what if I’ve been climbing a ladder that leads to nowhere? What if I’ve been climbing the wrong ladder all this time?

With a realization that you’ve been climbing the wrong ladder, there is nothing left to do but to get off the ladder and go to a new one. But how do you know if that is what you should do? And furthermore, how do you know which other ladder would benefit you to climb?

I’ve had to ask myself the hard questions. How do you know if you should get off the current ladder? A simple look into my life will tell me the answer.

Well, for one, does it make me happy?

Can I see a clear destination?

Do I feel fulfilled in my current role?

Would I tell my daughter to do the same thing I’m doing?

If all those questions are answered with a no, then it may be time to look at other options. 

Now, what makes the next ladder worth the climb?

Is there opportunity? And does it excite me?

Am I compelled to go above and beyond?

What is the end goal?

Will I look back and be proud of my accomplishments?

Am I helping people?

All of these are questions I could consider in a different role and in climbing another ladder. But that isn’t all. The true questions of life can be answered in the daily actions, the daily accomplishments, and a lifetime of service. These questions are on a much bigger scale and many people wouldn’t even take the time to review them. But I know I need to. 

How do I want to leave my mark on the world?

What do I want to be known for?

Will I feel fulfilled daily, yearly, and in my life as a whole?

Am I helping humanity develop? Am I helping the future of humanity for the better?

What can I do to have no regrets as I lay on my deathbed?

Once I can answer these questions, I can find out exactly what I need to do. I may not know what form it will be in, and I may not feel satisfied for a long time, but I know these are the questions I need to work towards. With strong conviction, things will fall into place and begin to materialize. At least I could say that I’m am working towards something.

Along with these questions, I need to consider other ones. 

What is in my capability to accomplish?

How can I overcome limitations I put on myself?

How can the path I want to walk materialize?

How can I get others on board with my vision?

What can I promise to myself?

What do I want my kids to say about me?

What new skills do I want to learn in my life?

What is holding me back?

Where do I see myself in ten years?

What can I do today to work towards my long term goals?

How can I stop thinking negatively, and start thinking more positive?

Who will be my supporters?

What do I think about myself?

How can I develop my mind, body, and spirit?

What do I believe in?

These are the questions that I must consider. They are the hard questions. These questions, regardless if they have roots in reality at the moment or not, are the questions that will lead me to my purpose. The main thing is to not get negative. These questions are meant to be a positive and motivating force that will drive me to take action. 

The biggest thing though is the take action part. After every answer I must act in alignment with my goals. I know how the power of action can propel anyone forward. I know the feeling of pride and accomplishment when I can answer these questions surely and confidently.

I’m tired of just going through the motions, it’s time to have purpose in my life. It’s time to get off this broken ladder and start climbing a ladder that will reach me to the highest points of life and consciousness. 

It’s time to climb the ladder of success and happiness.












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