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About Me

About Me

Rachel Alice, Owner

Hey there, I’m Rachel! I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and personal growth enthusiast. I believe that we all have the power to create the life we want and that personal growth is a lifelong journey that requires consistent effort, commitment, and action.

I was once asked to chose a word that I could use as inspiration to propel myself forward in life and be successful. The word I choose was


What does fearless mean to me?

Fearless means being uncomfortable with being comfortable. Instead of being complacent and falling into habits of not growing in life, mentally or financially, instead recognize when you are being stagnant and overcome any fears of change to constantly challenge yourself to do better and continue to learn more.

Fearless means showing my true self to people. It is not being afraid of what people will think of you and how they will judge you, but instead let your personality shine through and guide you to a bigger purpose.

Fearless is being more action-oriented because “Action cures fear”. With anything, do it, practice it, and then teach it to others. Don’t be afraid to start something and then try to figure it out. Doors for opportunities open up once you began to take action and do something out of your comfort zone.

“Being fearless isn’t being 100% unafraid. It is being terrified but you jump anyway”

Taylor Swift

When entered into the world of sales and relationship building five years ago, I was very timid and shy. Being around people gave me a high amount of social anxiety.

I got the opportunity to join a team who was doing door-to-door sales. I fearlessly took action and made the jump, learning all that I could about sales strategy, inspiring others, and building value in myself.

While I am still an introvert, I have also developed the skills necessary for relationship building and selling making me a top salesperson in my company. I have a drive to keep growing and learning about business and sales mastery which prompted me to build this blog.

I created this blog to help others maintain a sellers mindset and inspire them to use proven strategies that have worked in my own life.

Since then it has evolved into a hub for positivity, productivity, and growth, prompting a community of like-minded individuals. You should know that you need to start somewhere. Take actionable steps towards your goals and you will find that you can get over your fear of failure.

I hope to inspire you to take action. You can explore here for productivity tips and ways to stay motivated on your path to personal success and mindfulness.

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