Maintaining a Positive Mindset with Sales

Maintaining a Positive Mindset with Sales

Sales is 80% attitude and 20% aptitude.

Salespeople hear it all. The concerns, the frustrations, the complaints all come to them bringing negativity to their world, but a superhero salesperson wouldn’t worry about all that.

To the super salespeople who are effected emotionally by the day in and day out negativity that comes your way, know that their is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is possible to maintain a positive mindset about sales. Even if you have been around for a while and have been worn down by the tediousness of the sales process over the years.

Have you been feeling doubts because of the number of issues that we deal with daily?

If you don’t have a positive mindset about sales, if it is bringing you down with the negativity the job entails, this is the key you have been looking for.

Things to get in a positive mindset: Law of averages, Knowing what your selling, knowing how to sell, be genuinely interested, build lasting bonds (qualiity of time, not quantity), help others

What things will get you into a positive mindset when it comes to sales?

Law of Averages

For those of you who don’t know about the concept of law of averages it’s really quite simple. Long explanation cut short, law of averages is how many times it takes to get to a goal.

See my explanation of law of averages

Think about this, you get 3 customers in a row with issues. What are the odds that the 4th customer will be a great sale?

Is it still 50/50 or is there more of a chance of a sale? Unless you just have straight up bad luck then there are good odds the next one is your sale.

Hold on to that fact and think about it daily. This will keep you pushing and striving for the next, moving forward in a better mindset with that of hope.

Knowing what you are selling

It is important for you as a salesperson to use your product and make an educated opinion about the product or service. Know what makes it shine, know how it separates your product from the competitors in that space, and know what its downfalls are.

It’s important to know the product you are selling or at least know how it differs from its competitors. Once you know more about it, you will feel more comfortable offering it to customers.

Knowing how to sell

Learning to sell is hands down a craft. Something that is perfected and worked on and fine-tuned for the length of the salesperson’s career.

It doesn’t go away either, kind of like riding a bike. Once you know how to negotiate and all the other selling tactics used, you will use them without realizing it.

Check out: How to win friends and influence people

Be genuinely interested

It’s one thing to go to work every day. It’s another thing to have a passion and purpose for what you do.

Listen to what your customers tell you. Be interested in their concerns and put their minds at ease. Being genuinely interested will open opportunities to network and create meaningful relationships. Plus it will help the day not be so tedious.

Build lasting relationships and help others

When you help others you will be successful.

Helping others in itself will make you more positive. When you know you have a purpose and can help others with issues or make their lives easier. When they leave you with a smile and praise, it feels good. It will put you in a positive mindset just to know you are making a difference in the life of that person.

Enjoy what you do

The number one way to be positive in your current position is to sincerely enjoy what you do. The more beauty you can find in your job the better.

When I did door to door sales, it was really easy to get negative being out there in the hot Florida sun and getting doors slammed in your face. But I found its best qualities.

The time freedom I had was amazing, I could take a break whenever I wanted. I met so many interesting people that I had great conversations with. I worked on my fears of speaking to people. Every now and then I got a cold water or a nice meal. I got a paycheck every week. It was everything I could ask for in a job.

Looking at your situation in a positive light is a choice. If you look a little harder, you will find things are never as bad as you think.

5 Great Podcasts That Will Motivate You to Start An Online Business

5 Great Podcasts That Will Motivate You to Start An Online Business

Starting an online business can be tough. Not only do you have to learn the ins and outs of running that type of business, but you are also going to get opinions from everyone on what you should and should not be doing.

When I first considered starting an online business, I was listening to a lot of podcasts about online business and how to start doing your passion. It was really these podcasts that kept me motivated in the long run to start an online business.

start an online business

Podcasts are great because many of them feature famous people and entrepreneurs who have been at the bottom and grew their legacies and businesses. You hear first hand from them their beginnings, their mindset, and their challenges.

So without further ado, let’s get into 5 great podcasts that will motivate you as you build your online business empire.

Why Not Now? by Amy Jo Martin

This is my first choice for a reason. This was the first podcast I ever listened to. Amy Jo Martin is wonderful as she really dives deep into the question “Why not now?”. She talks with entrepreneurs, success-minded people, and famous athletes about a time when they thought “why not now?” And took the plunge into creating a business or making a decision that allowed them live their life to the fullest.

Whenever I come across a decision that I am on the fence about, I have to take a step back and ask myself “why not now?” What is stopping me? What can I achieve if I just lay it on the line and do it?

Many times it is all about that first step out of your comfort zone. What is stopping you from starting your business? If you can’t answer this without giving some type of excuse, then you should consider just starting and seeing where it goes.

Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup

Being that this blog is about being fearless, I cannot talk about podcasts without mentioning Ruth Soukup’s podcast Do it Scared. She gives valuable advice on how to be courageous and confident in your entrepreneurial endeavors. She invites on the show many business owners and entrepreneurs who have had the courage to take the first steps in starting their business or making a big change.

A lot of times when we are first starting out building a business we feel like we are imitating the successful people. It is called imposter syndrome. We become afraid to take action because of what people will think or the fear of doing it the wrong way.

Ruth talks about gaining the courage needed to take the next step, whether it be in your business or personal life and overcoming the fears associated with feeling like an imposter.

Lead to Win by Michael Hyatt

This podcast is one of the more useful ones that will help you with focusing on leadership in your business. Michael Hyatt is a focused and knowledgeable leader that has many strategies on how to develop yourself as a leader in your team and make decisions that will boost your business. He puts out a new episode almost every week which is refreshing.

As a new business owner, learning about leadership is important. You may eventually one day have a manager that handles leading the employees, but to start you are the CEO. You will have to make decisions about your company and manage people directly.

Learning about leadership and how to manage teams will help you be effective in not only managing your business, but also in communicating with people.

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Starting a passive income business can be hard. Listen to this podcast by Pat Flynn. He dives into how to make money passively by using real life examples from entrepreneurs that have accomplished successfully setting up a passive income online business.

Learning from other people’s success and discovering different avenues to make money is definitely beneficial. Take notes on how these entrepreneurs built their empires.

The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss

I absolutely love this podcast. Tim Ferriss dives deep into the lives of entrepreneurs to bring out of them the best pieces of value they have to offer. He talks about everything, from overcoming fears, to mastering your mind, thinking big, investing, and success habits of millionaires.

Every show is a new adventure into the minds of genius’ and important people. The advice is unlike any other as he knows how to pull out the most deepest secrets of successful people.

So there you have it. Five of the best podcasts for new online business owners. These podcasts will ignite your motivation and give you an insight into the world of entrepreneurship.

If you are considering starting your own online business venture, get your daily dose of motivation with one of these podcasts and you will be on your way to a successful start to your endeavors.

18 Ideas on How to Be More Productive

18 Ideas on How to Be More Productive

It is human nature to sometimes become lazy.

The lazy bug hits us all at some point. You know the feeling, when you don’t feel like doing anything but watching Netflix and chillin. When you have a paper due but you procrastinate on it as long as possible. When you know you should clean the house but you are just too lazy to get up.

It’s okay, we have all been there.

Many people begin to feel unaccomplished when they are lazy for too long. Like there is something missing in their life.

If you are like this, then we have an answer. Well at least a list here of what you can do to stop being lazy and start being more productive.

So let’s have our morning cup of mocha latte (my personal favorite) and get started…

Get rid of distractions

Distractions are a big part of what makes us lazy. I know whenever I sit down to get something done I have a million things on my mind. It is hard to focus just thinking about other things I need to get done.

Of course, it makes it nearly impossible to focus on one thing when I have other distractions around me like to TV or kids or people talking.

Find a quiet place where you are not distracted. Make sure that wherever this place is, it is clean and organized. This will allow the mind to flow a lot easier so you can get things done.

Create a game plan

The first step to getting out of lazy town, besides getting rid of all distractions, is to create a game plan. Here’s a few simple steps to start one:

Write down what has to be done

Make a simple list of everything that has to be done. Make it easy to follow in a 1-2-3 step order. Create spaces for things that need to be filled in as you go. Just write as the ideas flow but then go back and sort the list into order of importance.

Plan out how and when each task will be accomplished

Just writing down your goals will allow you to see what you are trying to accomplish and refer back to them when you lose sight. If a daily goal, split up your day in intervals. Write a time limit to complete the task and most importantly, stick to it!

Create a checklist of things that need to get done

If there are resources you need or deadlines make sure that you include that in your checklist.

This will make it easier to stay on task. Just a simple check on a checklist will give you a sense of accomplishment so check off each one as you go. Having the resources included in your checklist will avoid lack of motivation and make you a lot more productive because of its convenience.

Think long term

Make sure you create goals that are daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly, and life goals.

Remind yourself daily of your goals

I personally like to keep a list of my goals on my phone’s Notes section. For important goals with specific deadlines, I will put them in my calendar with a reminder that reminds me of my goal the day before.

If you need help with goal creation, I have created a simple goals checklist that include everything you need to be successful and most of all, productive.

Please put your email in below to receive my free goals checklist.

Recite affirmations

Creating some affirmations can help you stay focused. If you project into the world what you want, then the world will follow. You will be surprised at how powerful this method is. If you want more money you can recite “Money comes easily and frequently” if you want to be recognized at work you can “Today is my day to shine, people will know my worth”.

Just reciting these simple affirmations can be a powerful force. It allows you to keep you end goal in mind and focus on it throughout the day.

Get started

The best way to beat procrastination is to just get started. Who cares if you have writer’s block and can’t stay on topic, just start writing. You will find that it will eventually become easier to do and it will eventually flow better.

Once you feel like you are getting things done, it will be easier to keep going because you will feel like you have accomplished something.

Eat the Frog

From the book, Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy the concept is to do the hardest task or the one that you don’t want to do, first. Get the hardest thing you need to do out of the way first before anything else. This will make everything else look like a breeze.

Time Block

One of the methods I personally use to be more productive is to block out sections of time. With a busy schedule, time blocking can help you be very effective in getting stuff done. Here’s how it works…

  1. Make a list of everything that needs to get done
  2. After each item, write how much time you want to designate for that task
  3. Pick out the most important things (to avoid wasting time on unproductive tasks)
  4. Analyze how much time you actually have – *If you don’t have time for everything then make sure you get the hardest and most important things out of the way first, return to the easy things when you have a short break later
  5. Carve out a time slot for each task you need to get done

Using this time blocking method will help you stay focused better on the task at hand because you won’t be worried about what else needs to get done. You have that time slot to really focus and get into what you need to do.

Focus on one thing at a time

Multi-tasking is great for a lot of things, but when you are trying to be productive and get more done, multi-tasking is the enemy. When you have a list of things to get done, it is more productive to take one thing at a time. Focus fully on that one thing and most importantly COMPLETE that task BEFORE moving on to the next one.

See the brain takes time to adjust to a new subject so if you are jumping around, you will spend more time thinking than you do being productive. If you narrow in one one task, and complete it before moving to the next one you will get a lot more accomplished in a shorter time frame.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastinating is seriously my middle name. LOL jk but for real, I procrastinate a lot. It really sucks when you procrastinated so long that you now have multiple things on your To-do list and you haven’t got to any of them. That is when you start to feel overwhelmed.

I have found the fastest way to stop procrastinating is to get up and take action. Even if you don’t know what to do just do something. Something is better than nothing.

There are numerous reasons why people procrastinate. It could be because the task is just overwhelmingly boring and mundane, or it is a lot of work, or you are distracted, or maybe you are procrastinating because of fear. Either way you have to decide how important what you need to do is, have it take priority, and focus in on it.

When we procrastinate we seem to think up every excuse in the book to not get something accomplished. We say it in our head and it instills a defeated attitude. Stop giving yourself excuses on why something cannot be done.

Have a clean work space

I have noticed that when my work space is crowded and messy, the last thing I want to do is work. I am distracted by papers and old food and numerous other things that is making my space a mess. It is hard to focus unless you have a nice a clean work space.

Check out: Quick and Easy Ways to Organize Your Office Space

(coming soon)

Get enough sleep

You can’t be productive if you are tired. You’re mind won’t be on the task at hand, it will be just waiting for time to pass so you can catch some zzz’s. Don’t be sluggish when it comes to work, get the sleep you need. If you are super busy, make sure you schedule in a nap or a good night’s rest. It will make a world of difference.

If you are unable to get sleep because of a time crunch or long hours, make sure you stay awake and functional. You can do what I do and get a large 24oz mocha latte… yes, that is my life line most days.

Take breaks

Taking breaks in between tasks is a great way to prevent that burned out feeling. When you are working on something for too long, you begin to get lazy with it. You don’t function how you would when it is fresh.

Taking short 10 minute breaks in between your work will actually help you to be more focused and in turn more productive.

Save passwords

Saving your passwords in an easy to get to area will cut down on a lot of time. Before I had a book of passwords, I would spend most of the time going around resetting forgotten passwords. By the time they were all reset, it would be an hour later with nothing done.

Using a notepad that is accessible across all platforms such as Evernote will give you access to passwords quickly or you can get a password book like this one.

Practice saying no

When you are an empathetic person like I am, it is hard not to take on the time-consuming issues of everyone else. If someone asks me for help on something, I jump up and am ready to do it immediately.

This is super counter-productive when you need to get things done. The best thing you can do for your sanity is practice saying no. You need to designate time for yourself and your tasks. Don’t let anyone distract you from them.

Let go of perfectionism

The biggest drawback that I have experienced is trying to make everything perfect. My perfectionism is overwhelming sometimes. I won’t even start something unless I have a good idea that I will be successful with it.

Perfectionism keeps us attached to meaningless tasks that just waste your time. What if you spend all this time perfecting something, and it doesn’t gain any traction or fails. You need to know that before you spend all your time on it.

Let go of perfectionism. Tell yourself it is okay to fail. It is okay to put something out there before it is done. Like Thomas Edison, who tried numberous times and had numerous failures before he got it right. You need to put it out there so you can fail, numerous times, so you know what to improve to get it right.

Delegate and outsource

There is no reason to spend a bunch of time on something you are not interested in or not good at. Be more productive by delegating tedious tasks and outsourcing work that you don’t want to spend time learning.

When I first started building webpages, I just couldn’t get the design right. I hired a designer on Fiverr and had them redesign the site to convert better. It saved me a lot of time and money.

It’s hard when you want to do everything yourself and feel the accomplishment of it being your work, but outsourcing is definitely an option. Especially if you want to cut down on time and be more productive with something you do know about.

Reward yourself

Little accomplishments are great. It’s even better with a reward.

You reward your employees and you reward your children when they do something right. People don’t always reward themselves. That is the most important reward of all.

You need an incentive to continue your tasks. You need to feel like you are doing something for a reason. A little reward can go a long way when it comes to your psyche.

Be held accountable

Get someone else involved with your tasks. Talk to a friend or family member and have them encourage you and cheer you on. Tell them to remind you about your tasks and congratulate you when you finish them.

Knowing that someone else is checking in on you will make you ten times more likely to get up and get things done.

So that is all I have right now for methods on how to be more productive in getting things done. My personal favorite is let go of perfectionism because I am that way most of the time with anything I do. One I need to do more often would be “eat the frog” making sure that laundry and dishes are done, completely finished before moving on to hobbies.

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How to Get Over Your Fear of Failure (and embrace it)

How to Get Over Your Fear of Failure (and embrace it)

I’m assuming your here because you have the same issue as I do. Fear of failure has been a huge downfall when it comes to putting myself and my work out in the world.

It took a really long time for me to be social in the world, not afraid to talk to others and have a regular conversation. I grew up most of my life shy and timid. Despite all that I hated failing, and it pushed me throughout life to keep my grades in the high A’s.

All through life I worked as hard as I could, with anything I did. My father used to say “it is important to be a hardworker” and I’ve always been that.

I’ve been told that I am patient. I guess that makes me hardworking. I stick around longer than anyone else, just to find out what would happen if I did. It’s honestly my best and also my worst quality.

I’ve always given things 110% of my effort, not realizing that it is detrimental until it is too late. But seriously, I just hate failing.

Taking Action

The first step to get this party started is taking action. Stop overthinking it and just take action. If it is to take the next step in a relationship, do it. If it is to expand you career, do it.

People take so long to do things. Ask yourself, have you gotten relaxed, waiting on opportunities to come to you? Are you waiting for everything to be perfect?

That’s the beauty of second chances is that the first chance doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to start.

Failing Forward

Something I heard recently was explaining that if you should fail then you should fail forward. Many people fail before they reach their goals such as Thomas Edison and Bill Gates. But they made it due to a concept called failing forward.

What does it mean?

Failing forward is failing yet learning about it. You learn what to do and what not to do. You are prepared for a similar situation in the future. Not only that but you have had time to reflect on what can make that situation better and easier.

That is really what most bloggers are doing, failing and then writing a reflection on the solution to their problems. You see without problems their aren’t solutions, so you have to live your life and come across challenging situations and mess up and learn from it.

Admit Defeat

Embrace the failure. Tuck your tail. Lick your wounds. Admit defeat. And take it like a champ. Say “hey I was wrong.”

Don’t wait for others either, to apologize or to find themselves. You work on you, they’ll come around when they are ready.

You will feel a lot better when you purge your mind of any unproductive thoughts. Take your time, but when you are ready come back swingin.

Get up and try again

We each have our level of tolerance for things we don’t understand, but if you give it up without seeing it through, how proud would you be?

Get up and try it again. The second time’s the bracelet, the third time’s the charm, and the fourth time’s the bling. The more you learn the more you will be closer to reaching your goal. Anyways, practice makes perfect.

Get it into a routine. Learn from your failure and move on, try again, learn, move on, try again…

Your future self will thank you!

Get inspired by the biggest failures

Now if nothing else works, you can take a look at some of the most famous people and how many times they have failed before they got their big win.

Check out: 10 Famous Failures that will Inspire You to Success 

These people did not give up. They accomplished their goals after trying many many times, and they succeeded far greater than they would have if they got it right the first time.

Keep in mind this helpful tip:


The urge to quit will be the greatest right before you cross the finish line.

Like I did (see My Story) when you, in a sense keep coming back for more then you find out that you can tolerate more. Anything you do consecutively, practiced day in and day out on, will become a strong suit of yours.

So don’t fear the initial jump! Ask yourself why you wanted to take the jump in the first place. Whether it be for your family’s financial future or your own drive to succeed, find out your why and go for it.

Anticipate the failure, learn from it, and try again. You will never reach the first milestone if you don’t start.

Learn more mindset techniques for achieving your goals:

Please comment below if you have a story when you overcame a fear and how you did it.



How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

It’s true that everyone at some point gets down on themselves. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed or hopeless, and that’s okay. But for how long?

The first step in creating a life in which you are fulfilled and free is to stop thinking about what you don’t have and start focusing on what you do have. Give yourself some props. You have come this far, and your life is far from over. So what can you do today to improve your future?

If you are holding yourself back then it could be for a few reasons:

Maybe you can’t take the jump

Perhaps you know that whatever you are doing will lead you down a path that will ultimately change your life. Whether for the worse or better, it doesn’t matter. You start to develop this deep seated fear of change.

Like when you are about to go for a job promotion. Part of you is saying in your head that if you get the promotion then your life is going to change. Part of you wants to remain with what you are used to, it’s just human nature.

Be inspired to be courageous. Tell yourself that you got this and just jump. You have to rely on something bigger than you to catch you and make sure you are okay.

Your uninspired

With every ounce of your body you just hate the norm. It is killing you softly, the soft buzz of daily standard easy routine leading you down a path of nothingness. You crave interaction and adventure.

Take a trip somewhere. Take a look at some of the best places to visit in the US. Plan your trip and then set forth. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from taking that adventure.

Your broke

I should have put this first on the list because for many people this is real life. Nothing to save this week, the negative most weeks, and it’s getting you down.

Start your own business or market your skills on you spare time. You can become a blogger and make a decent amount. Or you can make money at home, add a 2nd or 3rd income stream to your life. Be able to do the things you crave doing.

Take a look at what skills you have to offer. Maybe you have a skill that you don’t realize is valuable. If you know how to create a webpage or get traffic on social media, these are skills that companies hire people for on Fiverr. Join Fiverr and sell your services.

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  • What to do when you are flat broke
  • 20 ways to stay frugal
  • Boss moves to make with your credit

People in your life

If it’s a family member, tough you have to learn to stick it out or address the issue. But anyone else that is just getting you down for no reason, tell them to get lost.

People that you don’t agree with or that focus on other things shouldn’t have priority in your life. Keep the ones you love close.

And if it is the ones you love that are not fully supporting you, seek out a mentor or a group of people that will provide you support and motivation for your idea.

You Fear the Unknown

Many people don’t start because of fear of the unknown. It is easier for us to continue to follow the routine we set for ourself, the habits we do each day.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary but once you take that jump you will be wondering what you spend so long doing.

The Key Element is You

So how do you take control of your life and stop holding yourself back?

You first must realize that it is YOU keeping you here in this place.

Only YOU can change your destiny.

If there is a will, there is a way for YOU to accomplish it.

Stop Excuses

The first thing you need to do is to stop making excuses as to why you can’t do something and instead change your view to consider how you can make something work.

My favorite podcast is by Amy Jo Martin called Why Not Now? In this podcast she talks to entrepreneurs and inspiring people about the moment they thought “why not now?” And did something that scared them, or that they have been thinking about and haven’t pulled the trigger yet on, or just made that jump into.

The point is that you need to ask yourself “why not now?” Take what is holding you back and put it aside to find a way to get your idea done.

How do you stop holding yourself back?

Get Comfortable at being Uncomfortable

The best way to do this is just to do it. Get out of your comfort zone by signing up for something new. Make a commitment to getting this thing done. Map out a plan on how you will accomplish your goal. Then just do it. Be uncomfortable for the first 5 or 10 minutes. You will adapt mentally to the new stress and it will become less stressful the more you do it.

Just Start

Just the simple act of starting something will give you the push you need to work towards it. It’s like when you get writers block, they tell you that you should just sit down and start writing or practice journaling, because when you give it a go and start, you take a step towards the outcome you want and you always end up winning.

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Make a Detailed Plan

Not everyone is talented enough to think about starting something, map out the whole thing in their head, and accomplish it within the hour.

Our mind usually wonders from one thing to another and the faster you can get at regaining focus the better. But that’s not to say that it wouldn’t help to have a detailed plan that you could reference occasionally.

Having a detailed plan of action can cut down on the decision making process and allow you to hone in on something immediately without the slow pace of getting back in creative mode after chasing around a two year old getting into trouble.

10 Ways to Get Motivated to Change Your Life

10 Ways to Get Motivated to Change Your Life

When you have made the decision that you need to change your life, you are pretty much halfway there. The first step is the realization that something is wrong in your life and you need to change it or change something about it to make yourself happy.

There are many people who put off the idea of changing their life. Those are the people I am talking to. They may hold themselves back because of fear of the unknown or some other reason. It seems like a big task to find the courage and tenacity to just jump up and change their life.

Small changes are good so you have time to adapt to your new ventures. People are more comfortable sticking to what they know so taking change in small steps can be beneficial.

I have been there before. I knew I needed to change but it was just so much easier sticking to the norm.

Photo from

When I decided to break my mold and strive for something better, I started seeing better things come to me. Here are some simple guidelines that you can follow daily in order to improve your life one step at a time.


Create a vision board

Start mapping out your daily, weekly, and yearly goals. Print out photos and images of these goals and post them in a visible spot. Every time you look at them you will be motivated to remember your goals and where you want to be.

Think long term goals and create a plan

The only way you will know what to do today is if you plan your long term goals. It is then your job to break down long term goals into manageable bitesized chunks of knowledge and experiences accomplished over years, months, weeks, and days.

Daily affirmations

Doing affirmation daily will help promote a mindset of pride and strength. Here are a few daily affirmations I use…

“I am strong. I am wise. I will succeed today. I will accomplish my goals.”

“Money comes easily and frequently”

“I am loved. I am thankful. Thank you for the day.”

Enjoy the little accomplishments

Revel in your ability to accomplish the little tasks. If your goals is to write a book, it doesn’t have to be done in a day. Write a page and celebrate, whether in your mind or out loud. You took a step in the right direction!


Spending time with yourself can help you navigate the right path for your life. When you meditate correctly you see your life from an outside perspective.

Meditate on simple things like gratitude and where you are in the moment. You will be able to find what is great about yourself and what needs improvement. A step back could clear your mind and allow you to see the bigger picture.

Drink tea

Drinking tea has so many health benefits, I don’t know where to start. It will make you feel more revived and you will be ready to get motivated. 

Reconnect with friends and family

There is always a peace that comes over us when we are around the ones we love. When it is time to make a change for your future, it is always good to revisit your roots and reexamine your core values. 

You can also trust family and close friends with your future plans. Bounce the idea of them to see if its a winner. You know they will tell you the truth. 

Take a Trip

A new scene in front of you can be exciting and exhilarating. A trip to a new place will be filled with mystery, curiosity, and wonder. Leave all the stresses of life behind.

When you come back you will feel a revived energy to move forward with your own life. Having survived your trip you will be more prone to trying without hesitation, without that fear of failing, and know there is more to life and more to the world.

Listen to Inspiring Podcasts

Podcasts are a great first step in making a change in your life. When I set my New Year’s goals, I said to myself January will be the month of inspiration to start off this journey, and I will listen to inspiring podcasts to get me motivated to make moves. 

I started listening to podcasts in January and it changed the way I thought about my life and goals. It gave me that confidence to take action on my goals after hearing the results the successful entrepreneurs had. Hearing them encouraged me to give it a shot and take action on my big goals. 

Improve your skills

The number one reason people don’t move into the next phase of their dreams is the lack of knowledge. They don’t know what is on the other side, how to get there, and what to do when you do get there.

Improving your skills in the area you want to provide a service for is highly important. You should be known as the expert in your field and then you will start seeing expert results.

Take time to become confident in your product knowledge. With the right knowledge about your area of expertise, you will be motivated to pursue your goals. 

Change doesn’t come immediately. You have to work on motivating yourself however you can, but when you get it, you will know what direction you need to go. 

These are the top 10 ways I motivate myself to make a change in my life. I hope you enjoyed these helpful tips.