Actionable goals

We have all been there before. We create a goal at the start of the year and by the time the second month comes around we have already abandoned those goals. 

I’m not going to bore you with examples and reiteration. We all do it. We all have been there. 

So what is the difference between someone who achieves those goals and someone who gives up and doesn’t achieve their goals?

This is what we will focus on in this post.

We will focus on why some people achieve their goals and others do not, what makes a goal accomplishable, and how to create actionable goals that will not make failure an option.

So let’s jump right to it. 

We can start with some reasons why a goal may be abandoned. 

#1: The goal is too overwhelming

Time and time again I see people make goals that are just too large. Their goal is to go the gym everyday and they have never even been to gym once. When a goal is too large, it can give you more demotivation than motivation, it feels unreachable, and can give you anxiety.

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#2: The goal is not specific enough

A goal that is too general will only have you lose sight of the finish line. You may even focus so much on reaching the finish line that you try to come up with ways to jump right to finish. 

Having specific goals allows you to plan out step by step what it will take to reach those goals and make them seem more manageable.

#3: They are never written down

Goals must be written out, reviewed, revised. You don’t need your brain working against you when you don’t remember the details of your goals.

Use this free goal planner to keep track of your goals.

#4: There is no action made

Goals are meant to be accomplished. Goals that aren’t accomplished or at least on the path to accomplishment are merely dreams. While it is good to visualize your goals and imagine yourself achieving them, it is not good to remain in la la land. 

How to Create Actionable Goals

Creating actionable goals will allow you to stay on a rinse and repeat cycle where you will have the willpower behind staying on track and making your dreams a reality.

Set specific timelines 

Map out everything that needs to get done. Set an alarm clock for 25 minute intervals. Take a short break of about 5 min. Then set the timer for another 25 minute interval. 

Keep a list of how long you want to spend on each task and when you want it done by. Make sure the list is adaptable and fluid as you move through your day. You will have times where you are interrupted. You must adapt to your changes in mood as well as the surroundings.

Just Start Somewhere

Find the minimum thing that would have to be done to get something developed that you can put out to the public. With every task, ask yourself “Do I need this to launch? Or is it just nice to have?” 

If you determine it is needed, then do those things first. You can always tweak something after it is out rather that wait until it’s perfect before even releasing it.

Write Down Your Goals 

It is important to write down you goals because that is reinforcement. It is important to say your goals as well. Write them down so you can review them every day and say them outloud. 

Check out my goal planner and print it out so you can write down your goals. 

Visualize Achieving Your Goals

Visualization can go a long way. Imagine yourself achieving your goals, imagine the feeling associated with achieving those goals. Imagine how others will view you after you achieve your goals. Imagine how proud of yourself you will be. 

Visualizing yourself achieving your goals will associate positive emotional connections in your mind which can help you feel more motivated to reach those goals. 

If you have to create a visualization board so you can wake up each day and see your goals visually. Head over to to find out how to make a vision board that works.

Surround Yourself with Motivating People

It is hard to stay motivated when you are surrounded with Debbie Downers and people that don’t give you encouragement. 

Make sure you surround yourself with people that will motivate you, either someone who is doing there own thing and succeeding or someone who will be cheering you on every step of the way.

Even if you don’t even care what people think, having someone who gets what are trying to accomplish and can cheer you on, promote your accomplishments, and stick up for you is BIG!!

They also act as an accountability partner so if you get demotivated or stop making progress, they will give you the kick in the rear that you need. 

Keep in mind that sometimes the people closest to you are not the best accountability partners. My own mother always wants me to take the safe route and will never cheer me on if I’m attempting to reach a risky goal.

Find someone that understands your goals and ask for their help to keep you focused.

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