I’m assuming your here because you have the same issue as I do. Fear of failure has been a huge downfall when it comes to putting myself and my work out in the world.

It took a really long time for me to be social in the world, not afraid to talk to others and have a regular conversation. I grew up most of my life shy and timid. Despite all that I hated failing, and it pushed me throughout life to keep my grades in the high A’s.

All through life I worked as hard as I could, with anything I did. My father used to say “it is important to be a hardworker” and I’ve always been that.

I’ve been told that I am patient. I guess that makes me hardworking. I stick around longer than anyone else, just to find out what would happen if I did. It’s honestly my best and also my worst quality.

I’ve always given things 110% of my effort, not realizing that it is detrimental until it is too late. But seriously, I just hate failing.

Taking Action

The first step to get this party started is taking action. Stop overthinking it and just take action. If it is to take the next step in a relationship, do it. If it is to expand you career, do it.

People take so long to do things. Ask yourself, have you gotten relaxed, waiting on opportunities to come to you? Are you waiting for everything to be perfect?

That’s the beauty of second chances is that the first chance doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to start.

Failing Forward

Something I heard recently was explaining that if you should fail then you should fail forward. Many people fail before they reach their goals such as Thomas Edison and Bill Gates. But they made it due to a concept called failing forward.

What does it mean?

Failing forward is failing yet learning about it. You learn what to do and what not to do. You are prepared for a similar situation in the future. Not only that but you have had time to reflect on what can make that situation better and easier.

That is really what most bloggers are doing, failing and then writing a reflection on the solution to their problems. You see without problems their aren’t solutions, so you have to live your life and come across challenging situations and mess up and learn from it.

Admit Defeat

Embrace the failure. Tuck your tail. Lick your wounds. Admit defeat. And take it like a champ. Say “hey I was wrong.”

Don’t wait for others either, to apologize or to find themselves. You work on you, they’ll come around when they are ready.

You will feel a lot better when you purge your mind of any unproductive thoughts. Take your time, but when you are ready come back swingin.

Get up and try again

We each have our level of tolerance for things we don’t understand, but if you give it up without seeing it through, how proud would you be?

Get up and try it again. The second time’s the bracelet, the third time’s the charm, and the fourth time’s the bling. The more you learn the more you will be closer to reaching your goal. Anyways, practice makes perfect.

Get it into a routine. Learn from your failure and move on, try again, learn, move on, try again…

Your future self will thank you!

Get inspired by the biggest failures

Now if nothing else works, you can take a look at some of the most famous people and how many times they have failed before they got their big win.

Check out: 10 Famous Failures that will Inspire You to Success 

These people did not give up. They accomplished their goals after trying many many times, and they succeeded far greater than they would have if they got it right the first time.

Keep in mind this helpful tip:


The urge to quiT will be the greatest right before you cross the finish line.

Like I did (see My Story) when you, in a sense keep coming back for more then you find out that you can tolerate more. Anything you do consecutively, practiced day in and day out on, will become a strong suit of yours.

So don’t fear the initial jump! Ask yourself why you wanted to take the jump in the first place. Whether it be for your family’s financial future or your own drive to succeed, find out your why and go for it.

Anticipate the failure, learn from it, and try again. You will never reach the first milestone if you don’t start.

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