Sales is 80% attitude and 20% aptitude.

Salespeople hear it all. The concerns, the frustrations, the complaints all come to them bringing negativity to their world, but a superhero salesperson wouldn’t worry about all that.

To the super salespeople who are effected emotionally by the day in and day out negativity that comes your way, know that their is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is possible to maintain a positive mindset about sales. Even if you have been around for a while and have been worn down by the tediousness of the sales process over the years.

Have you been feeling doubts because of the number of issues that we deal with daily?

If you don’t have a positive mindset about sales, if it is bringing you down with the negativity the job entails, this is the key you have been looking for.

Things to get in a positive mindset: Law of averages, Knowing what your selling, knowing how to sell, be genuinely interested, build lasting bonds (qualiity of time, not quantity), help others

What things will get you into a positive mindset when it comes to sales?

Law of Averages

For those of you who don’t know about the concept of law of averages it’s really quite simple. Long explanation cut short, law of averages is how many times it takes to get to a goal.

See my explanation of law of averages

Think about this, you get 3 customers in a row with issues. What are the odds that the 4th customer will be a great sale?

Is it still 50/50 or is there more of a chance of a sale? Unless you just have straight up bad luck then there are good odds the next one is your sale.

Hold on to that fact and think about it daily. This will keep you pushing and striving for the next, moving forward in a better mindset with that of hope.

Knowing what you are selling

It is important for you as a salesperson to use your product and make an educated opinion about the product or service. Know what makes it shine, know how it separates your product from the competitors in that space, and know what its downfalls are.

It’s important to know the product you are selling or at least know how it differs from its competitors. Once you know more about it, you will feel more comfortable offering it to customers.

Knowing how to sell

Learning to sell is hands down a craft. Something that is perfected and worked on and fine-tuned for the length of the salesperson’s career.

It doesn’t go away either, kind of like riding a bike. Once you know how to negotiate and all the other selling tactics used, you will use them without realizing it.

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Be genuinely interested

It’s one thing to go to work every day. It’s another thing to have a passion and purpose for what you do.

Listen to what your customers tell you. Be interested in their concerns and put their minds at ease. Being genuinely interested will open opportunities to network and create meaningful relationships. Plus it will help the day not be so tedious.

Build lasting relationships and help others

When you help others you will be successful.

Helping others in itself will make you more positive. When you know you have a purpose and can help others with issues or make their lives easier. When they leave you with a smile and praise, it feels good. It will put you in a positive mindset just to know you are making a difference in the life of that person.

Enjoy what you do

The number one way to be positive in your current position is to sincerely enjoy what you do. The more beauty you can find in your job the better.

When I did door to door sales, it was really easy to get negative being out there in the hot Florida sun and getting doors slammed in your face. But I found its best qualities.

The time freedom I had was amazing, I could take a break whenever I wanted. I met so many interesting people that I had great conversations with. I worked on my fears of speaking to people. Every now and then I got a cold water or a nice meal. I got a paycheck every week. It was everything I could ask for in a job.

Looking at your situation in a positive light is a choice. If you look a little harder, you will find things are never as bad as you think.

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