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Are you a mom trying to juggle starting your own business and raising kids?

Today I am going to talk about what it’s like to be a mompreneur, the struggles that are real, and how to give time to and prioritize both in your life so you can really show up in a good way to both your clients and your kids.

First things first, I have to do a shout out to my good friend Caz Gaddis and a huge congratulations on her new podcast More Than A Parent. In this podcast, she goes into how to be your best self as a person and a parent. She is on a mission to empower parents to choose themselves first so they can really show up for their kids in a meaningful way.

You can check out her new podcast here.

Limited Beliefs and What They Mean To Me

Listening to Caz’s story inspired me to really look into my own views about being a parent and having a business and I found out I definitely held onto some limiting beliefs. 

Here are just a few limiting beliefs about being a parent and an entrepreneur that have made their way into my thoughts.

Being a parent, I don’t have time to start a business. 

Running a business would take away time from my child.

I can’t start a business because I want to spend time with my baby while she is young.

I won’t be able to show up fully for clients while my baby is competing for my attention.

moms in business

Not only that but I have my own experiences of my parents running their own business while raising me. My dad had started a security system business when I was about 8 years old. My mom worked with him as the bookkeeper. I have fond memories of getting out of school and me and my brother hanging out watching movies in the Theatre Room (a demo room for automated technology). 

I grew up around a lot of new technology and it was exciting as a kid, probably prompting me to get into the technology field today working with the latest phones daily and having a passion for automation and technology that improves life.

My dad passed away when I was 12 years old. The business was left to my mom who wasn’t a strong entrepreneur type and didn’t know how to run the business. The business was sold and eventually dissolved.

I think about all the time that if my dad was here with me today, he could have showed me so much. I could have learned first hand how to start a business with a small startup amount and grow it to become profitable. I’m sure he meant to start that business so me and my family would be set up in the future and not have to work for someone else, but that is not the way it worked out.

My dad worked hard and long hours, but he still had time for family and family outings on the boat every weekend. I really appreciated that time he had with us.

Now as an adult, I feel like I have the same entrepreneurial drive and passion that he had. I have the willpower and the ability to follow in his footsteps but the only thing I am lacking is the knowledge and that trusted person pushing me to go for it and take risks. 

My mom didn’t take risks and never wanted me to take any risks; she preferred the safe route. My boyfriend is a hardcore realist and is not able to work with me and focus on one thing. So I am left supporting the household (almost entirely) at a corporate job that doesn’t help me improve my skills in entrepreneurship and pursue my passions.

Do What You Want to Do

It’s hard for me knowing that I have this passion inside of me and I am not able to pursue it. I’ve always thought, how easy it is for some people to say “just do what you want to do.” To them, I say, easy for you to say.

This is not the life I envisioned for myself at 32 years old. It’s not financial there or emotionally there and sometimes I am overwhelmed. 

I imagined my 32 year old self living comfortably, maybe working on buying a house, having a job that fuels my passions, and having enough time to spend time with my baby and also have time for my hobbies.

As a mom, I give so much to my kid and the household. Sometimes I feel like a sinking ship.

It’s true there are certain unnegotiables when it comes to being a parent, after all, if you had to choose between being with your kids or working on your business, it’s a tough choice. Most of us moms, I’m sure, would choosing being with our children. 

But it’s not about the choice. It should never be about the choice. It should be about working on your business so that you can create a better life for you and your kids. You can do both. You can do one to enhance the experience of the other and enjoy the journey.


How I Make Time For Being a Mom and Running a Business

The reality is that the urge for starting my own business is not going to go away. I have realized it is my calling and until I’m on my deathbed, I will not stop reaching towards this goal.

Of course there will not be a break in motherhood either as that is constantly ongoing. I have to learn to live doing both. Although it may be a long slow road, one day, I pray, my goals will be reachable.

So how do I work at my business while being a mom?

1: Batching tasks

Being a mom has made me really good at breaking up tasks into small chunks. These small sections of time have to be super focused on what needs to get done. 

The goal is to do more of the 20% that works in your business and eliminate more of the 80% that is not working. 

2: Take advantage of naptime

Using naptime to really get some work done is ideal. You can at least dedicate about 2-3 hours to your work while your baby is fast asleep.

Being that this is interrupted time, make sure you are using it wisely. Get things done that need your full attention. 

For example, something like creating graphics on Canva or posting to Pinterest I can do on my spare time with my cell phone. Although, writing a full length blog post is something that takes time and consideration. I need to schedule these for naptime or else I will never build enough concentration to make it happen. 

3: Finding time inbetween 

In between running back and forth to the daycare, cleaning house, going shopping, and my day job there are small pockets of time where I can really focus on my business. 

It may take giving up watching movies at night or using my down time for a long spa-like bubble bath, at least in the beginning. I have to use that time wisely to make sure I am set up for success in my future.

4: Treat your side hustle like a business

It is important to realize that if you want to get somewhere, you have to work on it. It’s not called a side hustle without the “hustle”. Without that, it is just a side hobby. 

Learn about your trade and dedicate time to it. If you have an important client, invest in putting your baby in daycare and go to the meeting. Work on meaningful projects. Learn new skills. Do more of what works. 

5: Invest in yourself first

When you can, invest in yourself. What I mean by that is invest in things that you know will make you better in the future. Instead of buying something random at the store, think about investing that money back into your business. 

I say invest in yourself first because you really can’t show up for your kiddos in a meaningful way until you take care of yourself. We are naturally prone to doing everything we can for others that sometimes we forget about doing things for ourselves. 

6: Create systems

Systems are amazing and so is automation. Putting systems in place such as preparing your lunch for the whole week on Sunday night takes decisions off your plate and really allows you to use that mindpower towards something more productive.

As well, using automation such as email marketing to keep up with your clients or having templates to track tasks, chores, meals, and more completely put your mind at ease that things will get done regardless if you are spending time on them.

Start creating systems today by using a goal planner to track your goals and keep them in mind as you navigate your busy day.

I use a few automation tools to enhance my productivity. Mailerlite is an automation tool for email marketing. Send out lead magnets or newsletters with ease using an email marketing service. 


#7: Join Other Moms in Facebook Groups

When you are a mom in business, the best thing you can have is a support group. Join a few Facebook Groups with other boss moms, sahm, and mompreneurs. This will help you if you have any questions, need support, or just want to know how other moms in your situation are juggling all their responsibilities. 

Here are a few Facebook Groups that can help you start creating relationships…

Boss Mom Facebook Group

Blogging Boss Moms

ECom Hacks Facebook Group

Why Not Now? Private Facebook Group  


Take Action

The most important strategy I have for you being a full time parent and entrepreneur is to just take action. No matter how big or small that action is, some type of action is better than none.

After time all those small actions will add up and produce the results you are looking to achieve. Be intentional with your action and make sure everything you do you are doing for a reason. Make sure what you do will push you in the direction you want to go.

Again please check out the More Than A Parent podcast by Caz Gaddis for more tips to help you be your best self in life and business so you can show up for your kids in meaningful ways. Check out the podcast now.




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