The idea of “taking a retreat” always felt surreal to me.

The two connotations that immediately pop in my head are, first, some wealthy pop star with a bunch of money taking a relaxing retreat somewhere on the beach sipping a beverage while getting a massage. Celebrity status vacation.

The second connotation that comes to mind is retreat as in escape from something. Perhaps it is escaping from your every day thoughts, habits, or actions. Retreat as in giving up on one path to pursue another, giving up something to pursue another.

I realize that I need to give up the idea that I am in any kind of control. Things happen and it is how you react to them that makes the difference. You must adapt to your environment and in turn your environment will adapt to you.

I found that a retreat from my typical manner and first instincts is exactly what I needed. I needed to start taking things as they come, adapt to it, and choose the path I wouldn’t normally choose.

For example, something such as taking risks vs staying in routine or continuing to learn and grow vs being content with where you are.

One thing I learned about being a mom is that here in the early days of my financial future with this family, I need to make the right moves and most importantly keep moving forward.

It’s like when you have that expectation that when you become an adult you will have your life figured out and be intentional about your actions, yet somehow adulthood sneaks up on you and there are always new surprises and challenges to overcome that your unprepared for.

Taking a retreat is the best way you can break the overworked, exhausted feeling and give yourself some fresh motivation.

Breaking the mold

The idea of this post is to explain my story of how I took a retreat in my life and work, only to come back around and see what I had been missing before.

I liked being in control of my life. I liked making sure my place was (fairly) organized. I had a job working in retail that was the same every day. My life was to say the least, predictable.

I craved the opportunity for some (seemingly imaginary) door to open up and wa la, be in a place financially, spiritually, and physically that I only saw in my dreams, that every wish will be granted and I will all of a sudden have a successful business that allows me freedom, creativity, and financial calm. It will give me the oppotunity to grow my name and brand, and will get more opportunities to move up in the world.

It is a daunting thought that this dream could be at the end on one of 5000 ropes that hangs before you each day, it’s taking the effort to climb those ropes to find out what is at the end.

Break the mold of your everyday existence and give something different a try. Attempt to climb one of those ropes each day to see what works and what doesn’t. You will get a lot further than if you never started at all, and you may find out new things about yourself that were hidden from view before.

Find your motivation

Most people have an idea of why they want financial freedom whether it be their family, lifestyle, or taking out stress from their life. Although most people don’t find their motivation to do it.

When taking a retreat the first day or two should be dedicated to self discovery. What is it that pushes you? What drives you? What is that first step, second step, and on?

For me, I gather motivation by listening to podcasts of people who have been successful with what I want to do. I take some time to listen to their story, how they started, what they did every day, and then try to copy their methods.

There is nothing wrong with copying the methods of someone else, especially if those methods are working, and they are in a place you want to be.

Connecting with others, whether in person or online, helps me gain motivation. When you connect with others and talk to others about your journey, you will get feedback.

Then since others know about what you want to accomplish, it will also hold you accountable for your actions. You will feel the urge to move forward more because someone else is watching your progress.

Set some new goals and work towards them daily. You will find it becoming easier and easier to achieve them when you are focused on them daily.

Rest and Recuperation

Taking a retreat is a great time to recooperate from the daily stresses of life. Everyone at some point needs to cut out distrations and responsibilities and just get some rest for the mind and body.

As salespeople we are constantly facing mental challenges. It will give you the same fatigue as running a marathon does. You mind needs just as much rest as your body does. Once your mind is well rested you will come back sharper and more focused.

Set big goals

Setting big goals will give you your why for each day. Remembering your why gives you the motivation to succeed.

Although be careful with goals that are too big as they can also be demotivating. Break down goals into smaller ones so that they are achievable. You will be even more motivated when you are able to hit smaller goals.

Take some time for you

The most essential part of a retreat is taking some time out for yourself. In order to serve oneself, you must first know oneself.

Just like you would take time to get to know your customer, ask yourself those same questions. What do you want in life? What or who inspires you? What are you good at?

Use mediation to really focus on these questions, and make sure that you can answer them fully. Find out who you are without any stress or pressure. Live in the moment. Enjoy your retreat of inner relaxation, reflection, and self development.

Be bold

Don’t be afraid to switch up from the norm and do something that is different, something that breaks the mold of your every day emotions and drama. Get your creative mind flowing by taking a retreat, whether it be a vacation or an escape, into something outside the usual.

You will find that the occasional release from our mundane reality is just what you need to spark creativity.

I took a bold step into the direction of my dreams when I learned to just let go and adapt to what comes you way. Without that constant worry about how I am supposed to act and look and do, I was free to focus on myself and my own personal development, learn as I go, and let mistakes propel me forward.

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