We had a saying at my door-to-door job,

The hardest door to close is your car door.

What that means is out of all the people that we strove to close the sale with, the hardest door to close is the car door. The car door, the first door you have to close to get yourself out of your car to start knocking doors.

In order to close your car door and get out and start knocking doors, you had to convince yourself that you can do this. You have to rev yourself up that this is a job that is doable and you can succeed in it.

You have to muster up enough courage to get out there and knock doors, oftentimes leading to angry people and door slams. But you had to do it in order to get to that 1 out of 30 people that will say yes and make your day with a sale.

I think back to how many people who tried out the door-to-door job for one day and then quit. It is something that challenged them, that broke down their typical day and forced them to be courageous. It gave them an uncomfortable feeling. They didn’t come back, probably for that reason.

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

Doing something new that you have never done is supposed to feel uncomfortable. The difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that fail is that those who succeed have trained themselves to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The successful ones have developed a mindset that is strong because they can push past that which makes them uncomfortable and do it again and again and again. They do it until it is no longer uncomfortable.

Just like they say “practice makes perfect” you could also say that “practice eliminates fear and anxiety”. Practice what you want to become good at and soon that anxiety will begin to subside. All it takes is that initial courage to break the mold.

Stay humble

The only action that matters is the one done right now

It is hard to admit that you don’t know the answer. Humans by nature are proud and have too much pride to do something as simple as ask for directions. It’s no wonder many people stay in the same place.

Like stopping to ask for directions, many of us are afraid to admit what we don’t know. We automatically equate asking someone for help with incompetence and fear showing someone else that you haven’t got it all put together just yet.

Being humble is hard to do sometimes but like anything, the more you practice it the more well versed you become. An example of being humble may be leaving a comment on a blog you like to read or giving a compliment to a leader or coworker at work. You are thankful these people are in your life guiding you and giving you inspiration. Let them know.

Communicate with others

Having goals is great, but if you can’t use your human resources to reach those goals then you are making it harder on yourself for no reason. Other people can give you knowledge from firsthand experience, something better than any textbook.

Think about the people in your life. Are they in a better position? Do they make more money? Do you want to do something they are already well-versed in?

Reach out to these people and ask for their time. Many people are willing and open to giving you their time to chat, especially if they are chatting about what made them successful.

No excuses

When I think of doing something out of the norm, a fear washes over me. Not a strong fear but really just anxiety. The anxiety is over where the next journey will take me. What will happen if I were to do everything right? Will my life be different?

So in turn that prevents me from even starting to find out. I procrastinate, I find other things to do, I make excuses, and not only that but I justify my excuses with some reason that is just another excuse.

Excuses give us paralysis. Procrastination gives us paralysis. The best way to overcome excuses and procrastination is to just take action. In the words of Nike “Just do it.”

Take the Right Action

Taking action is not just about doing something; it’s about doing the right thing. It’s about doing the thing that will propel you forward on your goals and not just waste time.

You must analyze what you know and don’t know. Do you have enough knowledge on what you need to do in order to see results?

What is the right action to take? What will give you the best return on your investment of time? If you can’t answer that, then why even start. You will only end up wasting time on things that won’t be beneficial to you.

If you need more help finding out what is important tasks in your business, follow these steps.


Think about the long term goal you are trying to accomplish. Cut that goal down into smaller tasks that need to get done.

Reduce those smaller tasks into even smaller tasks until you can set a goal for each day that if accomplished will move you towards progressing in your long term goal.

Write down 5 things that will be the most productive today in accomplishing what you are trying to accomplish.

Pick the hardest one and do that first.

  • It’s called “Eating the Frog” where you do the hardest task on your list first. This gets it out of the way first so you don’t dwell on it, make excuses, and procrastinate on it. Everything else on your list will seem easy once you get the hardest thing out of the way first.

Check out the book: Eat the Frog by Brian Tracy

Set a timer on each task and do it uninterrupted. Get rid of all distractions and focus in on that task.

Whatever you do, make sure that all 5 tasks are completed.

Why even start if you are not going to finish? Make sure that you finish these smaller tasks. Even though it will not seem like you are making a huge jump in your long term goal, doing those small tasks everyday will eventually get you to your long term goal.

Track your progress. After a month of doing smaller tasks, reanalyze your goals. Make sure that you are still on the same page. After a while, your goals can change or need to be updated with new information. If you can determine that you are moving forward, then you are on the right track.

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Any action is better than no action.

Even if the action you take, you think it is so small and insignificant, do it anyways. Ask yourself, how would my life change if I did that small action every single day for a month, a year, 5 years?

Can you imagine where your life would be?

Before you know it, a year will pass. If you did one small action every day for 365 days, then you have accomplished a big action. If you did nothing, you will be in the same position you are in one year from now.

Be prepared to take action that matters, every day so in the years to come you will be prosperous.

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